Direct Dyes

Megha International is one of the direct Dyes Manufacturers in Mumbai. Our company is the best when you require Dyes. Since the establishment, we began with a little gathering of energetic individuals who needed to serve something better to the world and developed into what we are currently, together.

We are so glad for our splendid and talented colleagues who work dedicatedly to deliver excellence, quality, and fulfilment. Developing as the best material synthetics producer all over the planet is all the aftereffect of the difficult work of our group and the ceaseless endeavours, we as a whole have contributed.

Why Choose Us?

We ventured into the material and colours market to get a change the colouring system and we are happy that our group has dazzled our clients. Our strong foundation outfitted with current machines makes our items financially savvy and present day. The utilization of the most recent innovation makes it workable for us to keep up with wellbeing and security as a compound maker. We are the best Direct Dyes Exporters in India.

The assortment we offer under every class is crazy and that is the reason you want to switch straightforwardly to our assortment since we have something astonishing hanging tight for you. Since we are a material compound producer, we have all that you want for your materials. With these products, we have become the best direct Dyes exporters from India.

Contact us as we are the best Direct Dyes Supplier in India.


Industrial Dyes

Megha International is the best industrial Dyes Manufacturers in Mumbai. The wide range of items that we have listed in our company has made us extremely popular in the market.

Megha International proceeds with keeps on assuming a main part in the assembling of dyestuffs in India with the expectation to additionally reinforcing its situation for its quality items. With our times of involvement and broad industry information, we have had the option to confront the difficulties of the worldwide commercial centre and convey quality items in adherence to market principles and boundaries.

Whatever be your particular or amount wanted, our mastery and nature of administration generally continues as before. Current creation and methods and adaptable cycles and techniques permit us to offer effective help for a little bunch as well as huge orders. Our company is known as the best Industrial Dyes Exporter Mumbai.

Megha International is a client-situated organization and works intending to accomplish the most extreme consumer loyalty. The organization has taken on inventive techniques and practices to meet client assumptions each time they manage us. We generally welcome any criticism or ideas from clients to serve them better.

The Best Industrial Dyes Supplier in India

We have made a huge name in the market today as the best industrial Dyes Exporters in India. We supply products to customers all around the world and ensure that customers get products that meet their needs.

Being in this industry for years our company has become the best industrial Dyes Exporter from India. Check the products that we have listed and order now.


Food Colors

Are you looking for food colour manufacturing in India? You are in the right place. Our company Megha International is the best for these products. Natural Food colours are shades extracted from regular sources like natural products, vegetables and plants. The extraction cycle of these varieties is generally straightforward and they are viewed as safe for use all over the planet.

Food organizations utilize Natural Food Colors for various reasons yet they can be ordered under three boss purposes - To give a personality to the item by adding a variety, for giving visual allure and to carry variety consistency and consistency to all their item runs. Our company Megha International is the best Food Colors Suppliers in Mumbai.

Since its origin, Megha International has been producing Natural Food Colors that serve the requirements of an assortment of Food and Beverage Industries. This multitude of varieties is separated from plant or vegetable sources making our items 100 per cent veggie lovers.

We offer an extensive variety of Natural Food Colors in powder as well as fluid structures which have more noteworthy steadiness and explicit application help. We are renowned Wholesale Food colours suppliers in Mumbai.

Order the products in your required quantity and get them delivered to your doorstep today. We are the best food colors manufacturer in Mumbai India.


Solvent Dyes

Your search for the best Solvent Dyes Manufacturers in Mumbai is over with us. Our company Megha International is the best for these needs. We will cooperate to characterize and comprehend each cycle performed by the association and ceaselessly endeavour to work on the quality at various phases of creation and supply. Our point is to develop by giving norm and prevalent substance items and backing administrations that are consistently a stride ahead, eco-accommodating, and cherished by our clients.

We will give our clients each motivation to depend on us and will accomplish our vision by creating shared benefit organizations with our clients and open correspondences with all partners including partners, clients and providers.

Being the best Solvent Dyes Manufacturers in Mumbai, India our main goal is to stand out at the front with complete responsibility and devotion to norms, quality, efficiency and consumer loyalty.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best Solvent Dyes Supplier in India. One more significant resource for our modern creation offices and specialized aptitude is our group of experienced and qualified individuals who are resolved to accomplish the greatest consumer loyalty by conveying unrivalled worth items. The group works under the capable direction of our experts and professionals. Under the supervision, the organization has reached such a long way around here.

Get products from us as we are the best Solvent Dyes Manufacturers in Mumbai.


Liquid Dyes

If you are looking for liquid Dye Manufacturers in Mumbai, you are in the right place. Our company Megha International is the best for these positions. Liquid Dye is a substance that changes the shade of the mirrored light because of particular retention of frequency of light.

The dye itself doesn't break up in shading matter however makes the article show specific variety consequently empowering the dyeing of the item. The force of shade dye is firmly administered by fineness and thin molecule size dispersion. Molecule size dissemination and state of the particles impact the ingestion and impression of light to choose the hue.

It is important to comprehend the attributes of the dyes to choose the suitable crushing innovation. We offer answers for a limit from 60 kg/hr to 2 Tons for each hr with fineness going from 150 microns to an average molecule size of 5 microns. We are the best liquid Dye Manufacturers in Mumbai, India.

Megha International has a broad encounter to deal with different kinds of Pigments which are utilized in paints, inks, plastics, fibre, beauty care products, food and different applications. We can give viable and reasonable fine-crushing answers for a wide assortment of colors.

We can give versatile arrangements from individual gear to turnkey arrangements right from plate dryer to definite loading with the dustproof establishment.

Get our products today. We are the best liquid Dye Manufacturers in Mumbai.


Dyes Intermediates

Megha International is the best Dyes Intermediates Manufacturer in Mumbai. Megha International began its tasks at first with one item for example Vinyl Sulphonyl Ester (Acetanilide Base); with slow headway underway limits now Megha International is creating more than 25 variations of Dye Intermediates with vinyl sulphone (Acetanilide Base) as the centre item. The consolidated creation limit is around 30,000 TPA.

Color Intermediates R&D at Megha International, in these years, has effectively sent off a few items for different Industries, for example, material, Leather, Paper and so on. We are the best company and have made a huge name in the market as the best Dyes Intermediates Supplier in India.

Megha International has taken critical steps in the field of Dye Intermediates and other related items since its commencement. Valid, we began in a little way. However, at that point, it has never prevented us from ignoring any perceived limitations. Almost 70% of our creation is being traded overall to different clients including a few multinationals. We are the best wholesale Dye Intermediates Supplier in India.

We have a wide range of products available in the market for our customers to choose from. We are the best Dyes Intermediates Supplier in Mumbai, India. Choose the products you require and order today.


Basic Dyes


Reactive Dyes

If you are looking for the best Reactive Dyes Manufacturer in Mumbai, you are in the right place. Our company Megha International is the best for these products. We are among the prominent producers and exporters of Functional Reactive Dyes, which is a kind of receptive Color. This is great for colouring woollen and cashmere textures.

We are the best Reactive Dyes Exporters in Mumbai. These colors keep up with the ideal actual condition of fleece and cashmere after colouring. Functional Reactive Dyes are created from further developed high shading strength impartial color and responsive color. We invite the requests of our clients to fulfil their needs.

A portion of the eminent elements of Dyes are as per the following:

  1. Great sublimation quickness property

  2. Have some control over the heat treatment process after coloring

  3. High-temperature depletion property

  4. Keep up with the ideal actual condition of fleece and cashmere

  5. Exceptionally close coloring properties

  6. Complete chromatogram

Megha International is the best Reactive Dyes Exporters from Mumbai. We have a wide range of products for our customers and clients to choose from. We being in this industry for a long have served plenty of customers with the best products at an affordable rate.

Have faith in us and get products from our company. We are the best Reactive dye supplier in Mumbai, India.


Acid Dyes

Megha International is the best Acid Dyes Manufacturers in Mumbai, India. We are maker and exporter of Acid Dyes which have standard variety quality. Acid dyes are regularly dissolvable in water this tin utilized from impartial to Acid dyes showers on strands like to alter acrylic filaments, silk, nylon and woollen.

In light of the salt development between anionic gatherings in the colours and cationic gatherings in fibre, there is a connection to fibre which isn't a consideration to the cellulosic filaments. Studio dyers involved these as a business reason for the colouring of protein and creature strands. Acid dyes are connected in various fundamental designs as effectively as in the classes. A few instances of corrosive colours are utilized as a variety in food.

The Best Acid Dyes Exporter in Mumbai

We bring a large number of best quality corrosive colours, which offer high wash quickness and variety quality. A corrosive color exists as an anion while a fundamental color exists as a cation. Synthetic texture colors require the work of a decent corrosive for example vinegar, acidic as well as sulphuric corrosive to make the variety. We are the best Acid Dyes Manufacturers in Mumbai, India.

The texture colors will generally be non-slicing will more often than be not non-harmful and are named to the minor used in this coloring system alongside the sorts of bonds they type towards the materials.


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